once you see this layout, you will sure know that this site is undergoing a revamping phase. after a good while when i finally got the time (& motivation) to revamp papercarousel and move it to aestharis. while the content of aestharis is yet to be determined, i can assure you that there is a possibility that i'll upload graphic content over there. however, it won't be any of the graphics that happened to be on papercarousel as i rather want a new start with new content and the like.

i am not certain of how long the revamp will take but i can assure you is that i would try to be done in september!

until then!

design credit

the design has been coded by yours truly and may or may not be a teaser for the new content that might be featured on aestharis. since i am not certain about the decision yet, i thought that coding an own 'hiatus-design' would give me a little to more motivation for aestharis.
the design was completely made by scratch, and it doesn't seem to be finished, if i decide to offer it in the future. the 'new version' would have more tweaks eventually.